The Digital Fluencies project is an initiative of the Penn LibrariesTeaching, Research, and Learning Services directorate at The University of Pennsylvania. We believe our campus community is best served by collaborations and workshops that focus on emerging and proven scholarly tools and methods. Libraries are especially well-suited to be the hub for these activities. We work with all schools and centers on campus, and our focus is and continues to be the generation, distribution, and preservation of knowledge.

Who Did This?

It takes a lot of bright minds, time, and energy to produce a totally new curriculum focused in new directions. We first started conversations and planning in 2014 during the development of the Penn Libraries’ 2015-2017 Strategic Plan. Since then, this project has benefited from the talents of many individuals with the following Penn organizations, schools, and centers:

We are grateful for their contributions during the past few years and we look forward to engaging more voices in this ongoing conversation! All of our work is openly available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  Based on a work at